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안녕 하세요 외국기봉이 입니다ㅎ




i got suicide inside of my head (head)
i got that gun pointin right at my head (bang)
i think of takin pills while in my bed 
i need some shit that will relief my pain yeah

when i die
will you cry
cus im tired
of the lies
in my life
tho i tried
think ill die yeah yeah


Verse 1
(lets git it)
suicide on the average
4 5 6 thats common week
im in my crip
i got no whip
but hope my mama has one (lets go)

ill pay the debt
and pay the demon
so dont worry they wont
come up to the door on day one
know its hard to take the blame on 
i hope you get on
not on knees or(knees)
fall by the breeze (breeze)
feel life at ease (good)
i take care of the grease (yuh)

im livin on pills (ah shit) ya
begin to feel it kill (ok) ya
turning cold on pain(oh god) woah
didnt do just to gain
i just want me dead (yuh)

약으로 해결이 될까 안돼
의사는 문제가 또 없데
ask me why am i obsessed
내 친구는 죽었어 we dont pray

친구들 모두가 배신 (uh)
죽을게 걍 내가 대신 (huh)
spillin blood and its bloody (wow)
야 근데 왜 이리 춥지




Verse 2
i live with the grease
You wanna beef with me ask E for a piece (uh huh)
No I ain’t clean but who is 
Ask me that’s some bullshit (yeah)
I clean my glock for a good shine 
Then I take my shot for a good line
My ex told me I ain’t got no love
But fuck you a thot for a good night

Another shoutout to my brus 
All that livin thru the dust
Eyday with the cops
Being racist to us (tus) (yuh)
Blurring us from seeing (huh)
Surfin on the wave (fuckers) 
Wooden boxes bleedin (damn)
that’s what ends a day

I live in the room of pain (pain) 
You won’t understand (Stan)
Dreamin of the stacks and grands and the bands that I wish to make (cook)
All my friends where the R at (yuh)
Turned their back and left (left)
내 친절이 과했나 보지 (robbery)
Took their sack and left



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