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oh x 8

see the light fuck in the just die

you just wanna take another lit

I just wanna hang in the club and

take another cup 

and pour it thats a hennesy


I know

we wanna feel

we  wanna free

I just wanna take bitch outside, thats all

its hot



And i see

theres a car

we just feel like drive on mars

you are here so far


we love 

we just love

heart is beating like floor pop

i live on a low low profile

we in fuckin game till a fuckin night

stay low what I like I will cum in the sunrise



I just feel like la la la 

I just hear your lulyby 

I just need you by my side

you help me make me alive x 2

oh x 8


take another pill thats a rapy

i just wanna show how I hype is

we dont fall in love thats a kinky

i just wanna be what you make me

I know 

we just go we the star but you are

you look fuck beautiful woo




[Hook] x 4

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