Let Them Know (Country) , 컨트리 랩

2023-10-04 00:39:07

안녕하세요 25살 회사원

파트타임 보디빌더 (Partime_bodybuilder)입니다. 


긴 연휴가 끝났네요 

다들 좋은 시간 보내셨나요? 


학창 시절에 미시시피와 루이지에나라는 지역에서 학업을 해서 

어릴적부터 한국에서는 아직 다소 생소한 장르인 컨트리를 자연스럽게 들었어요. 

그래서 컨트리 비트에 싱잉처럼 랩을 해봤습니다. 


재밌고 가볍게 즐겨주세요 :) 



Please let them know
I won't sell my soul
Let devil know
I won't lose control
I will do my thing
don't fuck with me
this is how I live
let boys know
money on my mind
i will get them all
she said don't leave me
i just fuck and go
I don't fit in box
I break the rules
I want that rolls
and chevy truck
please let them know
I won't stop it now
no one tell me what to do
i will do my thing
this is how live
don't fuck with me
if you so, i will shoot you all


It’s survival, survival of the richest X4


Devil come to earth
fall in me temptation
what is right and wrong
feeling numb pick I want
crawling in the bar
find a wife like a wolf
pistol in my belt
for the case get worse
touched down bottom of whiskey
omg bitch, you are so juicy
getting fucked getting numb
all night long
let them know
i will do my thing what I want
let them know


What you gonna do? Go play my game X2 
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