Suhan Joo - Time Lapse

2022-01-14 23:27:50


fall ends, winter begins 
scorpio up in the night sky
know myself more than 
anybody i’m not a nice guy


everything’s bored as we get old
the kid is grown, the dream is gone
too late to die young since over 21


burden on my shoulder
as long as i get older
so break the inertia
and make a new one
to be better version
of person its worth it
don’t be urgent or nervous
jus keep working


then i certainly determine my purpose
not surface level, its deeper than core
of the earth that i deserve to earn it
i see the moonshine between the curtain
natural light makes the mood perfect


from the cradle to the grave
in between i’m in a cave
drawing some paintings 
thats gon remain til next generation 
for inspiration hope they don’t fade
as time goes by everybody dies


seconds gon be minutes
minutes gon be hours
hours gon be days
days gon be weeks
weeks gon be months
months gon be years
but i still don’t even know
what am i doing here


still walking like when i was elementary 
still talking like when i was elementary
still thinking like when i was elementary

still dreaming like when i was a kid 
Updated at 2022-01-16 18:36:57

keep workin bro (fire)

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