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2020-11-29 17:27:29



Boutta leave 

Boutta leave

But I’m lee

So im back with a big leaf

Verse 1

Spvxe lee like spike lee

Running to the top as im posed to

I been off she said that enough 

Im done w a gang shit

Im just tryna be your boi

I can still make a journey

You a fake bitch, 없어 자리

Boutta leave, gonna miss you

I be Digging for a gold, then you not a gold digger

Young chigga im the best asian, i been facing big 4 life

Pull up with a stick, im gon get you bae


Verse 2

New chance for a new chain

What it comes next is the new pain

I just told you that I get paid

How I be alone

when I’m abroad for a few months

Case study based on me 2017

You dont owe me nothing

I gotta give you back what you deserved 

Tryna call me back, this feels so good

Feel like i been trapped, i wont let you go

Wait where you plan to go

She do what I say so

I just bought a ticket so

I can come with you, 

trynaa lay low

Keep it hunnid fuck

These chiggaz be like huh 

What better watch you wear

Difference between us wait 

They drip like tap water yeah

Been drinking evian 

its too expensive 

Ima get passive 

cuz I been too much

That these chiggaz can not deal with*2



Watch me*3

i'm boutta leave

but i'm lee



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