Mind Trip Feat. H.P
2020-02-18 23:27:35

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I aint gonna say im sorry
cuz that will take me fucking under
if we're talking about regrets
today i made a whole another
too much shit on my mind
i just wanna put these thoughts on fire
oh god... who am i?
voices in my head and who is that?

i dont even know who i am, who i am
im just doing what i want from my DNA
all these bitches wanna suck my DICK
i dont wear no Versace, Givenchy just CK yeah
i dont wanna die, i dont wanna die, holding to Ak-47 go drr dot dot dot dot
나는 누굴까 나는 누굴까
praying to the God, asking the God yeah

i just wanna full on get it
who do i ask
when i need help
where do i go
the clock is on 11:11
taking a trip down
memory lane
i wanna go back
i gotta hold back
but can i refuse
 getting me loose
roll up a zoot
we got no rules in here
i swear these minds are contagious
i wanna be alone tonight ,
can you feel me now
taking walks in the state of mind
are you trippin now?

내 자신을 봤지 하늘위에서
내 자신을 봤지 돈을 위해서
And this aint gonna make me rich
Praying to the God i aint gonna ditch
hope outta benz
i got no friends
난 니 여친들의 boyfriend
난 42 life, fast lane
목에는 황금색 gold chains
뭘빼 내 fan 돼 sik k 형 처럼 make a change
나는니들과달러 keep the change
잔돈은됐으니 outta my range
hustle hustle
돈을물처럼 썼어썼어
다시 노래로 벌어서벌어서
us us so whats the problem huh?
i dont get it why you so mad at me huh?
Yeah girl but I loved you
but all you did was insane
unsolved questions, how do we start again?
and whenever i think about it
it fucks with my brain, Although it's all my fault walking away with broken heart that now we are apart
i tried to give you my best
and all you did was request
talking to your ex, thinking im better than your next
생각해봐 난 highest motherfucker like Everest
imma kill this beat like im a terrorist
hunning man hunning man
running man running man
burning man burning man burning man
Hyun Jae the Present
we the F.T.B
future the brightest 말 처럼 우리의 미래을 밝혀
앞길을 막으면 무자비하게 우리들한테 밟혀
so right now, right now, i got nothing on my mind now, mind now
술에 취해 나는 꽐라 나는 꽐라
내 몸 값은 이제 올라 올라

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