Holy's Dead(선율에 관하여)
2020-01-18 17:42:48


Um, 펼쳐, guarantee of author, talented
White cover, black inner that color, balanced
Why God fallen? Twit, all discuss it
Why u don't be black skin?
Oh, it just disgusting

Ye said, Je's king. When they gone, I'm saying, FU-C king.
Wait, ey, don' kill that vibe. My time is goin' tick
God, stand by my side plz?
Wake the fuck up, We can make the satisfied fucked up

Nobody let 'em know what's the problem but fault of other. what a better solution
Fuck the pain, Fuck the pray, Fuck the god,
Errbody gon' fuck the love
By the way, tried a pray but no reply, just ignore away
Is it made me a fuckin' selfish?
Why don't think about it make me in illness?

삶이란 단순해 Bullshit 전자기에도 채워
Full of bullshit
I told'em why happened. Like OCD,
You cured, but returned back,
Oh she did?
상관안해 그녀들도 날 좋아않해 난 모두들의 적 U die alone 빙신짓
삶과 헤어져 또 나만 지랄해 죽음에 초연한 게 뭐 어때 진심 이게

내 삶과 너의 삶에 대한
층간소음으로 방해 않기 위한
쉼표를 찍고있을 뿐 다만 많게는
4주 간의 기억상실을 얻고난 후에야 신구를 논할테니...

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