reno da wave - breakfast (Prod. by randombrownkid)

2019-12-06 14:03:43


tablets on my plate
in my foggy morning
get the fuckin pack
feelin like i'm hungry

xanny xan
My xanny

million years yeah
it's a long time
did you hear that?
that's fuckin life
give me your heart
and your whole body
give me your soul
and your whole thought
take you to the earth
over the rainbow
you my angel
but I'm satan ㅎ
불을 질러 활
전부 타버려
무너진다 확
나의 모든 것
i'm an extra
get your paper
it's so trivial
let me shoot your life
i'm an extra
get your pay uh
it's so trivial
Let me shoot your uh
너가 뭘 uh
다른 게 있어
니 삶은 다 fuck
내가 먹었다 씨
전부 다 익혀
썰어버려 ah
Fuck your life yuh


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