mozo onotres 2nd mixtape [boarding pass]
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 01. Aeroméxico(IN)


03. 떼끼라@ Jalisco

04. mazunte@ Oaxaca

05. 아마도  사랑하지 않아도@ Seoul(OUT)

06. octave(CD only)(NOT FOR SALE)



All words from mozo onotres

All beats from Flamingosis Tokyo Megaplex Ian Ewing (without ‘octave’ produced by whysp & Player Dave)

All mixed & mastered by mozo onotres

Artworked & CD designed by 김다예

Hook voces from 정연수 권서경 윤새롬 박준혁 유승우 지바은 배선우 이정준 기효신 음은정 Jose Roberto

Recorded by mozo onotres@ cuarto de onotres






 멕시코일 필요도 없어우연이든 필연이든 스스로  옥타브 높일 경험을 했다면그게 너의 멕시코일 거야

반복되는 일상이 주는 안정감을 구기고 ㅣㅍ을 만큼  멕시코가 아른거릴   들어줬으면 당신이 어떻게 느낄지는 모르겠지만  앨범을 끝냈을  나는 다시 멕시코행 표를 샀거든

 옥타브 높인 뒤에 반복되는 일상은 어떨까나에게 당신만의 방식으로 이야기를 들려줬으면 탑승권은 여기에 둘게




It doesn't even have to be Mexico. Whether by chance or choice, if you had the experience of making yourself an octave higher, that is your Mexico

When your Mexico glimmers before you, that you want to crumple the stability your routine gives, I hope you play mine. I don't know how you would feel, but I again bought a ticket to Mexico when I finished this album

After an octave is raised, what will your routine feel like? Tell me your story in your own way. I left your boarding pass here

See you again!



Ni siquiera tiene que ser México, siendo por casualidad o por elección, si tuviste la experiencia de hacerte una octava más alta, ese es tu México. 

Cuando tu México brille ante ti, y quieras desmoronar la estabilidad que da tu rutina, espero que juegues con la mía. No sé cómo te sentirás, pero compré de nuevo un boleto a México cuando terminé este disco. 

Después de que se eleve una octava, ¿Cómo se sentirá tu rutina? Cuéntame tu historia a tu manera. Dejé tu boleto justo aquí. 


¡Hasta luego!


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