[인터뷰 번역] Breakfast Club: DaBaby
2020-09-14 01:33:06

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*The interview has been simplified for documentation purposes.

샬라메인: 올해 정말 많은 일들이 있었는데, 특히 갑작스러운 유명세에 어떻게 적응하셨어요?

With everything you’ve done over the year, how have you adjusted to the celebrity of it all?

다베이비: 쉬운 일은 아니었지만 그냥 계속 일했어요. 바쁘게 지내는 게 적응하는 데에 있어서 가장 좋은 방법이더라고요. 다 제자리를 찾아갈 수 있도록 기다렸죠.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but I just stay working. It’s the best way to adapt, to keep busy. I just let everything fall into place. 

DJ 엔비혼자만에 시간은 아예 없으세요딸이 있는  아는데 항상 일하고 계신  같아요.

Do you get any you time? I know you got a daughter but you’re always on the road. 

다베이비: 가끔은 제 소중한 사람들을 저에게로 데려와야 해요. 가야 될 때 가야 하지만, 제 일을 할 때 옆에서 뛰어놀 수 있게 데리고 다니죠.

Sometimes I got to bring my world to me. When we got to go, we got to go, let her run around and be the boss lady while I do what I do. 


샬라메인바뀌는  당사자가 아니라  주변 사람들이라는 말이 있잖아요.

They always say that it’s never you that changes but the people around you that changes.

다베이비: 맹세코 정말 맞는 말이에요. 

Swear to god, that’s true.

안젤라 그래도 앨범이 1위를 찍었어요기분이  좋을 수가 없을  같은데그리고 앨범이 나오기 전에 인트로 트랙만 먼저 발매하셨어요되게 개인적인 얘기를 담은 곡인데 그걸 듣고 나머지를 기다리기 힘들었어요.

You got a number one album, though. That’s got to be a great feeling. And we just heard the intro first before the album came out. The intro that’s very personal and we got to wait.

다베이비: 그래도 4-5일밖에 기다리게 안 했잖아요. 일단 그 곡을 통해서 앨범의 전체적인 톤을 깔고 팬들한테 저의 다른 모습을 보여주며 더 가까이 다가가고 싶었어요. 어떤 일들을 통해 돌파구를 찾아 아티스트로 성장하게 되었는지 알려주고 싶었어요. 왜냐면 이 곡에 다 담지 못한 일들도 많았거든요.

I only made people wait four or five days. I wanted to set the tone for the album and just get the fans to listen there’s a different side of me and really get me personally. Let them know what I transpired in my personal life during my breakthrough as a major artist. Because a lot went down even more than what I talked about in this song. 


[Intro (KIRK)]: 


DJ 엔비: “Kirk” 무엇을 의미하는지 모르는 사람들도 있을  같은데 앨범 이름을 [Kirk] 정하셨는지 설명해 주세요

Explain “Kirk” a little bit, some people don’t know what it means to you and why you called your album [Kirk]. 

다베이비: 제 아버지는 제 롤 모델이셨어요. 절대 제 능력보다 작은 것에 안주하지 말라고 하셨고, 제 깊은 목소리도 아버지에게 물려받은 거예요. 제 도덕적 원칙들, 제가 자라온 방식 모두 아버지의 영향을 받았는데 제가 1위를 찍는 순간 갑작스럽게 돌아가셔서 정신이 없었죠. 이 앨범을 통해서 아버지에게 영광을 돌리는 게 맞는 일 같았어요.

My pops is my role model, he told me to never settle for less, that’s where I get my deep voice from. The morals and everything I was brought up with came from him and for him to go unexpectedly, I go number one, it was crazy. It was in the right to honor him.


[Kirk 앨범 커버]: 

안젤라 그래도 아들이 성공하는 모습을 조금이라도 보셔서 다행이네요

It’s nice that he got to see some of that success, too.

다베이비: 항상 저에게 문자로 피드백을 주셨어요. “이런 질문은 좋은 답변을 기대하고 던진 거 같은데 말이야”라면서. 아버지와 나눈 문자 내역으로 책을 만들어도 될 정도예요. 그가 해준 말들은 누구든지 더 좋은 사람으로 성장시킬 수 있을 거예요.

He texted me critiquing. “I’ve seen this question right here where they tried to get a nice response” and stuff. If I go to our text messages, I can write a book with what he texted me. He’s gonna help somebody be great.

샬라메인정말 1위를 찍은 그날 돌아가셨나요?

You really lost him the same day you hit number one?

다베이비: 네, [Baby on Baby]가 애플 뮤직에서 1위를 찍은 날이었어요. 아침에 잠이 덜 깨있는 상태로 형한테서 전화를 받았는데, 같은 시간에 톰(프로듀서)한테서 전화가 계속 걸려 왔어요. 도대체 무슨 일인지 알아내려고 전화를 넘겨서 받아봤는데, “우리 1등이야, 우리가 해냈어”라고 하더라고요. 그리고 다시 형 전화를 받아보니 아버지가 돌아가셨다고 했어요. 소식을 듣고 갔다가 바로 그 다음날 돌아왔어요, 그날이 제 투어가 시작하는 날이었거든요. 제 첫 메인 투어였는데, 버스 안에서 부고 기사를 쓰고, 필요한 아버지 사진을 찾고, 친척들을 위해 비행기 티켓을 알아보면서 갔죠. 이 모든 걸 다 투어 버스 안에서 말이에요. 제가 공연 한 타임을 놓쳤었는데, 아마 로체스터에서 예정되어 있던 공연이었을 거예요. 그거 때문에 욕 정말 많이 먹었어요. 근데 전 전용기에 올라타서 장례식장에 갔다가, 그 같은 날 밤에 돌아와서 공연을 해야 하는 상황이었어요. 그래도 차라리 계속 바쁜 게 도움이 되더라고요. 그래도 이런 작업물을 통해서 아버지에게 영광을 돌린다는 건 아름다운 것 같아요. 

It was [Baby on Baby] being number one on Apple music. I got a phone call from my brother halfway asleep. Tom blowing my phone up while I’m trying to figure out what was going on, I click over and he says “We’re number one, we did it.” And then my daddy died. I did my checks and balances and had to fly back the very next day, my first show on the tour. I’m on the tour bus, my first headline tour, but I’m typing obituaries and shit, finding pictures for him, organizing travel for flights. I’m doing all this while I’m breaking through on tour. I think it was one show at Rochester that I missed, they were mad as hell at me. But I had hop on a private jet, go to the funeral, and fly back the same night and go to a show. It was all good, though, it was therapeutic for me to have something to keep me busy. It’s just dope to be able to honor my song with somebody else with me grinding, it’s just a beautiful thing. 

DJ 엔비누구한테서 영감을 받으셨나요어렸을 때는 어떤 음악을 들으셨어요아버지는 어떤  자주 들으셨나요?

Who was your inspiration coming up? Who did you listen to? Who did your father listen to?

다베이비: 정말 많은 분들의 노래를 들었던 것 같아요. 항상 차에서 춤을 추곤 했죠. 저는 1991년생인데, 형이 두 명 있어요. 제가 막내라 자연스럽게 형들이 듣는 걸 옆에서 같이 들을 수밖에 없었죠. 그리고 제가 클 때는 한창 뮤직비디오 시대가 시작될 때라 되게 많은 곳에서 음악적 영감을 받았어요. 본 석스 앤 하모니, 투팍, 50센트, 그리고 지 유닛의 로이드 뱅크스까지. 다 얘기하기에는 너무 많아요, 누구를 빼먹을까 봐 무섭네요.

My father listened to a lot of people. Used to be dancing around in the car. I was born 1991, and I got 2 older brothers, I’m the youngest, so I’m naturally listening to what they are listening to. I grew up in the music video era when it was big, so I pulled musical influences from everywhere from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Tupac, 50 Cent, and when Lloyd Banks and G-Unit had a wave. It’s too many people to name, I feel like I’m going to leave somebody out.

안젤라 그래서 뮤직비디오에 신경을 많이 쓰시는군요.

That’s why you care about music video so much, too.

다베이비: 당연하죠, 제가 자라온 세대이니까. 항상 그날의 1등 영상은 뭔지 찾아보곤 했어요, 그 기능이 아직 있었으면 좋겠네요. 

Absolutely, that’s the era I grew up in. We used to tap in and see what the number one video was. I wish they still had that going on. 

샬라메인: “Intro”에서 어머니 얘기도 하셨는데요즘 건강은 어떠신가요

How’s your mother because you speak about her in the intro?

다베이비: 암을 완전히 이겨내고 계세요. 욕을 안 섞으려고 노력 중인데, 어머니한테 암은 아무것도 아니에요.

She’s still whooping cancer. I’m trying not to curse so much, cancer ain’t got shit on my mama, cancer ain’t fucking with her. 

샬라메인항상 래퍼들은 아버지와 관계가  좋은 경우가 많고 부모님 얘기를   하는데 신기하네요.

We hear so many stories about brothers not having a relationship with their pops, not having a relationship with their parents. 

다베이비: 제가 어렸을 때 아버지가 군인이셨어요, 그래서 항상 편지를 많이 써주셨죠. 그 편지를 주고받고 하는 과정이 제 교육에 큰 영향을 줬던 것 같아요, 지금 제 말투에도. 제가 5살, 6살쯤이었는데 답장을 보내면 항상 영어 선생님처럼 문법이나 구두점을 채점해서 돌려보내셨어요. 그게 지금의 저를 만들었죠.

He was in the Army early on in my life so he used to write me letters. The was really big on me in education, that’s why I talk the way I talk. I’m 5, 6, year olds writing back letters, he telling me where to do capitalization and punctuation, he really grading it like a English teacher. But he turned me into a beast and I got so polished. 

안젤라 그럼 문자도 항상 올바르게 보내시나요?

Does that mean your texts are polished too?

다베이비: 문자는 제 말투와 비슷하게 보내는 걸 좋아하는데, 누구와 대화하고 있는지에 따라 다르죠. 비즈니스를 할 때는 슬랭을 쓰는 걸 싫어해요.

I like to text the way I talk, but it depends on who I’m talking to, like when I’m doing business. I hate when people text me spelling a certain way.

DJ 엔비딸의 교육도 그렇게 하실 예정이세요?

You going to be like that with your daughter?

다베이비: 너무 똑똑해요, 같이 보내는 시간이 더 많았으면 좋겠지만 이미 충분히 똑똑하고 아름다워요. 저를 똑 닮은 것 같아요.

She’s so smart, I wish I could be around her more, but she’s so smart and beautiful. She’s a plain image of me. 

샬라메인딸이 당신의 삶을 어떻게 변화시켰나요

And what did she change?

다베이비: 너무 많죠. 제가 열심히 살아갈 이유가 되었고, 하루의 시작에서 기대하고 끝에서 기다릴 이유를 만들어줬죠.

Tremendously. She gave me something to really live for, she gave me something to look forward to at the beginning and at the end of every day. 

DJ 엔비팬들을 사랑하는 마음은  알겠는데언제까지 관중에 뛰어드실 생각이세요

I know you love your fans, but do you ever say you got to stop jumping and walking through these crowds.


다베이비: 예전부터 말했던 거 같은데 제가 뛰어들 때마다 제 팬들은 항상 제 뒤통수를 때리고 싶어 하는 거 같아요. 다들 정신줄을 놓으시는 거 같아요, 정말로. 어떤 분은 저를 때리기 전에 한 세 명 정도 더 때렸던 거 같아요. 근데 그 사람이 알고 보니 여성분이었더라고요. 근데 생각해보면 제 보안 요원들도 다른 선택이 없었어요. 제 팬들을 너무 사랑하고 이 모든게 그분들로 인해서 가능했던 일들이란 걸 알지만 이 얘기를 꺼내주셔서 고맙네요. 사람들은 제가 성공했기 때문에, 연예인이기 때문에 저한테 아무 짓이나 해도 된다고 생각해요. 그리고 미디어가 힘을 보태면 그건 법도 못 이기죠. 사람들을 가리키려고 드는 건 아니지만 자기 자신이 대접받고 싶은 만큼 저희를 대접해 주면 좋을 것 같아요. 

I said it for a while, but as soon as I go back in, fans want to punch me in the back of my head. Buddy was in there going crazy losing it, real talk! Buddy punched me, buddy punched like three people before he even punched me! And buddy happened to be ol’ girl. But at the end of the day, what was [my security] supposed to do? And bruh, with crowds...That’s how much love I got for my fans. I know what can come of that. I’m glad you asked me that. People act like because you’re successful, because you’re a celebrity, people can do you any kind of way without no type of consequences and the law really let people sue you and everything when media get involved. And if they really let that get in the way of what’s right and what’s wrong at the end of the day, I feel like it’s really important for the internet to start pushing the envelope. I ain’t trying to give people speeches, but treat people the way you want to be treated.

샬라메인그분이 여성분이라는  언제 아셨어요?

When did you find out it was a woman?

다베이비: 인터넷에서 봤죠.

When the internet told us. 

샬라메인알고 나서 죄책감이 드셨나요왜냐면 결국 여자를 때린 거잖아요.

After finding out, did you feel bad?  Because y’all hit no woman. 

다베이비: 아니요, 죄책감은 안 들어요. 그분도 저를 때렸는걸요? 그런 일이 일어난 대상이 여자였다는 게 안타깝기는 해요.

No, I ain’t feel bad. What you hitting me for? I feel bad about the fact that it had to be a woman that it happened to.

안젤라 그래도 보안 요원들도 자기 일을  거죠.

But security was just doing their job.

다베이비 보안 요원: 여성분이었단 걸 들었을 때 당연히 마음이 안 좋았죠. 평생 살면서 여자를 때린 적은 없어요. 그 일 때문에 정말 많은 질타를 받았죠.

When I found out it was a girl, I felt bad. I never punched another girl in my life. They chopped me up for that. 

샬라메인 당시에는 어떤 생각이셨어요?

What was your mindset in that moment? 

다베이비 보안 요원: 그분이 다베이비 머리를 쳤고, 저는 그걸 막아야 한다는 생각밖에 없었어요. 그리고 제 일을 한 다음날 “그분 여자였어”라는 얘기를 들었고 저는 “아니야, 분명 남자였어”라고 했죠. 근데 다시 생각해봐도 그분이 다베이비를 먼저 때리면 안 됐죠.

The dude hits DaBaby in the head, so I go to stop it. Then I did what I did, fast forward to the next day, they say “That was a girl.” I was like that ain’t a girl, it was a dude. And I was like damn. I feel bad for hitting a girl, but at the end of the day, she shouldn’t have hit him. 

다베이비: 우리 같은 직업을 가진 사람들은 져준다고 이기는 게 절대 아니에요. 사람들은 모두 우리가 지기만을 기다리고 있고, 실수를 하고 망하기만을 기다리죠. 그래서 저는 그런 해프닝들이 제 앞길을 막는 걸 용납 못해요. 저는 항상 팬들을 생각하고, 그들이 행복하기만을 바라요. 그거와 반대되는 얘기를 들이신다면 거짓말일 거예요.

At the end of the day, you can’t win for losing when you’re in a position that we are in. We are just so blessed in favor, everybody’s waiting on you to lose, for you to do something wrong and flop. And that’s why I don’t let that stuff deter me from nothing. I’m all about the fans and making people happy, so if any story come out about me doing anybody wrong at a show, that’s cap. 

샬라메인보안 요원이 오버했다고   없는  가볍게 넘기는   번이 당신을 크게 다치게  수도 있잖아요.

It’s hard to say security goes too far because it might be that time security don’t go far enough and something happen to you.

DJ 엔비보안요원들 없이 걸어 다니는 것도 자주 보여요애틀랜틱시티에서도 봤어요.

I’ve seen you walk by with no security, bro. And I’ve seen you in Atlantic City with no security walking around. 

샬라메인그럼 안돼요

You can’t do that. 

DJ 엔비비싼 목걸이들도 항상 하고 계시고.

And you always got those chains on.

다베이비: 이건 얼마 전에 사서 차고 온 거예요.

That’s because I just bought these.

샬라메인그럼 안돼요혼자 걸어 다니면 절대  돼요.

This must stop, the man cannot be walking around by himself. 

안젤라 다시 앨범 얘기를 해볼까요니키 미나즈와 작업하신 “iPHONE” 대해서 얘기해봅시다

Can we talk about the album for a second? Let’s talk about the “iPHONE” with Nicki Minaj. 



샬라메인니키 미나즈의 장점을  이끌어주시는  같아요둘만의 에너지에 무언가가 있어요니키 미나즈의 장점들을 살리는

I feel like you bring out the best in Nicki Minaj. There’s something about that energy that brings out the best in Nicky.

다베이비: 쇼 매너도 대단하고 같이 작업하는 것도 항상 영광이에요. 레전드가 참여해서 곡을 잘 마무리해 주는 거죠.

Her show manners are dope, too. It’s always a pleasure to be able to do that, watch somebody, a legend in the game, finish strong.

안젤라 항상 남성 래퍼들은 여자들을 물건처럼 데리고 다니는 얘기를 많이 하는데 이런 얘기도 들으니 좋네요 앨범이 나오기 전부터 항상 좋은 피처링 아티스트들과 함께 하셨어요.

We always hear guys talking about their side pieces all the time, so it’s good to hear the other side. Even before you put this album out, you had some great guest appearances. 

다베이비: 그런 식으로 계속 쌓아온 것 같아요.

That’s the way we put that together.

샬라메인계획적인 거였나요?

That was strategic?

다베이비: 그렇죠, 신곡 발매 없이 꾸준히 사람들한테 보이면서 우리가 냈던 히트송들의 가치가 드러날 때까지 기다리는 거죠.

For sure, stay in their face without dropping new music and let the hits that we put out blossom into what they were supposed to become.

샬라메인메건이랑도 계속 좋은 관계를 유지하시는  같아요같은 시기에 뜨기 시작했으니까

You and Megan got a good bond, y’all coming up at the same time.

다베이비: 정말 비슷한 시기에 떴는데 처음 노래를 같이 낸 건 회사 측 제안이었어요. 그 이후로 정말 유명해졌고, 퍼포먼스도 너무 잘하고 저와 같은 시기에 불붙기 시작한 사람이라 다른 아티스트보다 훨씬 많이 마주쳤을 거예요. 같은 도시, 같은 공연에 제일 많이 섰는데, 같은 무대에 서서 같은 노래를 하는 건 정말 오래 걸렸어요.

We definitely came the same time, but the way we did the song it was given to me by the label. But since then, she doped, she’s a great performer, and with her being on fire the same time I’m on fire, that’s probably the artist that I run into more than anybody. We’re in the same cities on the same shows more than anybody. And it took so long before we even performed a song together.

샬라메인무대를   메건이 같이 즐기려고 하면 조금씩 뒷걸음치시는  같았어요며칠 전에 영상을 봤는데  그렇게 멀리 떨어져 있는지 궁금했어요.

I noticed that when she back it up, you don’t always get on. I saw that the other day, and I’m just like why are you so far away from her? 


다베이비: 저는 예의 바른 사람이니까요.

I’m a respectful guy.


안젤라 그리고 고등학교 때부터 임자가 있었잖아요.

Plus, he’s been married since high school.

다베이비: 이건 편집해달라고 할 수도 있어요, 너무 웃긴 얘기에요. 고등학교 때 졸업 앨범 수업이 있었어요. 되게 이상한 수업이 많았는데 한 학기 내내 졸업 앨범을 만드는 거였죠. 저는 단순히 졸업 앨범을 건네 받았을 뿐이고 열어봤더니 그런 말이 적혀있더라고요.

I might cut that out, that was too funny. At high school, we had a class called Yearbook. We had some bullshit classes. For the whole semester, they create the yearbook, and I got the yearbook and that’s what they put in there.

샬라메인 당신이 직접   아니에요?

You didn’t write that?

다베이비: 절대 아니죠. “내 아름다운 부인 애슐리 커크.” 제 베프였어요, 작은 은색 차도 운전하게 해주고 걔 집에서 마리화나도 피우고 그랬었죠. 근데 그건 진짜 너무 웃겼어요. 저는 핸드폰도 자주 바꿔서 옛날 사진이 별로 없는데 오랜만에 보니까 귀엽더라고요.

Hell, no. “My beautiful wife Ashley Kirk.” That was my dog, used to let me drive a little silver car and smoke weed at her house and all. But that was dope, that was funny. I don’t get a lot of old pictures because I switch phones, so that was dope. It was cute.

 [다베이비 졸업 앨범]: 

안젤라 지금까지 가슴 아픈 연애도 많이 해보신  알아요.

We know you’ve been through a lot of heartbreaks. 

다베이비: 제 음악을 들어보면 당연한 거죠. 근데 지금까지 여자친구 3명밖에 없었어요. 맹세해요. 그렇게 사람 갖고 논적은 없어서.

For sure, listen to my music. I only had like 3 girlfriends. I swear to god. I never really played like that. 

샬라메인인스타그램에 여자는 팔로우  하겠다고 하셨어요근데 지금은 니키도 팔로우하시죠

You said you wouldn’t follow any girls on IG, Baby. Now you follow Nicki.

다베이비: 다시 생각해보면 같이 일을 하고, 정말 자주 보고, 그 사람들이 하는 일을 좋아해요. 물론 제가 팔로잉 안 하는 사람들은 무시한다는 건 아니지만, 항상 관계를 단단하게 만드는 걸 좋아해요, 특히 앞으로도 오래 볼 사람 같다면. 어떤 루머들이 돌고 있는지는 모르겠지만 그 사람들에 대해서 나쁘게 얘기할 건 하나도 없어요. 저랑 시간을 맞추고, 연락을 하고, “SUGE” 프리스타일을 한 거, 그리고 연락을 통해서 피드백을 주고받은 것도. 일주일 후에 “지금 남편이랑 얘기해보고 있는데 이 파트는 안 바꾸는 게 난 거 같대. 넌 어떻게 생각해?”라고 연락이 왔는데 “진짜 니키 미나즈가 나한테 어떻게 할지 물어보는 거야?”라고 생각했죠. 메간 디 스텔리온과도 좋은 관계를 갖고 있고, 리조. 리조랑도 정말 깊은 사이에요. 정말 스타에요, 무대도 너무 잘 꾸미고 같이 공연하는 것도 너무 재밌었어요.

 At the end of the day, I’m working with them and I’m seeing them so much and I like what they do. Not to say that anybody that I ain’t following is not moving, but when I establish relationships I like to build on especially when I feel like they can go somewhere. No matter what people say, I don’t got nothing bad to say about them. The way she coordinated with me, the way she reached out, the way she did the “SUGE” freestyle, the way she reached out afterwards and sent it right back. A week later, “I’m talking with my husband. I’m thinking about changing this part, he say don’t change this shit. What you think?” And I’m like this is Nicki Minaj asking me what I think about her verse? Just genuine relationships even with Megan the Stallion, genuine relationships. Lizzo, I fuck with Lizzo. She’s a star, man, excellent performing and I had to show her what the fuck was going on. It was fun being on the same stage.


DJ 엔비가족들은 당신이 성공하고 나서 어떻게 지내고 있나요?

How’s your family getting with all the success? 

다베이비: 월세 문제없이 내고 있죠, 잘 살고 있습니다. 적어도 제 가까운 가족들은요. 이건 제 아버지와도 비슷한 면인데, 저는 모르는 사람이면 그냥 모르는 거예요. 가식 같은 거 안 떨죠. 

They put away with their rent pay, they’re living good. The immediate family, at least. I’m that type of person, I also get it from my dad, but if I don’t know you I don’t know you. I don’t fake, I don’t do that. 

안젤라    때는 뭐하고 노세요?

What do you guys do for fun outside of work?

다베이비: 일하죠. 

We work.

안젤라  빼고요

I said outside of work.

다베이비: 저는 일에서 재미를 찾아야만 했어요. 이 모든 걸 다 가능하게 하는 건 그 방법밖에 없던 것 같아요. 그리고 딸이랑 시간 보내는 것도 좋아해요, 뽀뽀해 주고 대화를 나누고 그런 거. 딸이랑 같이 있을 때는 사람들이 알아보는 게 좀 불편해요.

I had to find my fun at work, man. That was the only way this shit was going to work out. And other than that I just like spending time with my daughter, kissing her, talking to her. I don’t like people approaching me when I’m with her. 

안젤라 딸이 아직 당신의 노래를 따라 부르지는 않나요?

Has she started singing any of your lyrics yet? 

다베이비: 다 따라불러요, 제 노래는 다 알죠.

All of them. She knows all my songs.

샬라메인예전이랑 비교해서 지금은 공연 계약하는  얼마나  수월해졌나요?

How much easier is to get deals than before? 

다베이비: 일에 대한 대화를 나누는 방법도 알고, 센스도 있고, 그게 다 부정적인 것들로부터 제 커리어를 지키는 데 도움이 되는 거 같아요. 그리고 새로운 것들을 어떻게 받아들여야 하는지, 어디에 더 집중을 하고 에너지를 쏟아야 하는 곳과 신경 쓰지 말아야 할 곳을 구분할 줄 아니까요. 만약 에너지를 쓴다면 저에게 득이 되는 사람에게 쓰고 있죠.

I know how to talk, too. I got plenty of sense, and I think that’s what keeps all the negative stuff from affecting my career in a negative way. And I know how to navigate new stuff, I know where to get my attention to, where to get my energy to, and where not to give it to. And if I’ do give my energy, I’m going to give it in a way to who’s going to benefit me. 

안젤라 여기까지 오는데 힘들었잖아요오래 걸리기도 했고.

It’s been a grind to get to this point, it took a while.

다베이비: 여기까지 올라오는데 많은 걸 쌓아야 했죠, 근데 이 자리에 오고 나서 본능적으로 어디에서 뭘 해야 하는지 느끼는 거 같아요.

It was a lot of building up to that point, but we got a killer instinct once we get in the dough, as we smell blood.

DJ 엔비오늘 와주셔서 너무 감사해요.

We appreciate you.

안젤라 프로다운 모습을 보여주신 것도 너무 감사해요당신과 일하는 분들 모두연락에 답변을 하는 거라든지 시간 약속을 지키는 거라든지  비즈니스를   정말 중요한 것들이라고 생각하는데 당신 팀은 항상 그걸 잘하는  같아요.

And I appreciate your professionalism, everybody that works with you. You guys are really good at getting back to people, being on time, and I think that’s very important in this business because people just be blowing things up. Your team always does reach out. 

샬라메인제일 좋아하시는 트랙이 뭐예요?

What’s your favorite record?

다베이비: 제 형제 같은 DJ 키가 프로듀싱 한 “Intro” 틀고 싶네요.

I want to play “Intro,” produced by my little brother DJ Key.

샬라메인저는 “PROLLY HEARD” 듣고 싶어요.

And I want to play “PROLLY HEARD.”

다베이비: 아, 그거 너무 좋죠. “PROLLY HEARD” 듣고 갑시다. 

That’s my shit. Let’s play that “PROLLY HEARD.”





[Interview by]: Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy, Angela Yee

[Source]: Breakfast Club

[Translation by]: HIPHOPPLAYA 이승연 (lsy@hiphopplaya.com)

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