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힙플페 2019 예매하신 분들 필독! 안내서!

보다 즐겁고 안전한 페스티벌을 즐기기 위해 꼭 참고 바랍니다.

Must read guide for who booked HPF 2019!

Don't forget to read for a more enjoyable and safe festival.





- Mat for only in the picnic zone

- Foods in the airtight container only

- Under 500ml PET drinks only

- Official HPF MD is selling in the HIPHOPPLAYA Store booth

- Only smoke in the smoking zone

- Recommend to use public transportations / Shuttle bus is running

- Let's make less garbage, and be more straight in separate garbage

- Using a wheelchair and stroller is available





- Following rules and care others would make the festival more fun

- Make sure to bring your jackets! It's cold at night

- The festival would still be hosted even though rain comes

- It's ok to move freely inside/outside the festival venue after wearing a wrist band

- Time table and the map is in the info sheet.

- Use Information booth as the lost-and-find

- A parking ticket is selling in the information booth

- Locker is available (not free)




- Unable to re-issue ticket/wrist band

- Handing over tickets or reselling it is banned

- Saving spaces while there is no one is banned

- Bringing fast food/bottle/can/delivery food is banned

- Bringing bike/carrier/icebox/tent/chair etc. is banned

- Cannot enter with pets

- Professional filming equipment is banned

- Recommend not to drink heavy


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