Pe2ny - Alive Soul Cuts VOL.2
2017-12-04 19:06:27



Executive Producer PE2NY

Mastered by Van Griffin @ 21Mastering

All Track Composed , Arranged, Programmed by PE2NY

All Guitar sample played by Samchi the Idealseeker?

All Piano sample played by 호재

Art Direction&Design : Eseul Kam

Video Director : EtchForte for KICK&SNAP

01. Intro : Stereotype Narration by Jolly-V

02. Kid with a mic Feat. Basick Cut by DJ Wreckx

03. Stranger Master Slave Feat. 넋업샨 

04. Woo Feat. Vasco, Debi

05. DNA Feat. pH-1

06. Stereotype Feat. Deepflow Cut by DJ NOAH

07. Real Feat. RHYME-A- Cut by The-Z

08. Love Feat. illinit

09. Role Model Feat. JJK

10. 개소리 Feat. JUSTHIS Cut by JAZZMAL

11. Thoughts for fool Feat. Innovator Cut by DJ Juice

12. nuh tink too lang Feat. SKULL

13. 거기누구 없소 Feat. Born Kim

14. 토 Feat. Minos

15. Artist With No License Feat. Opticaleyez XL, MINI

16. Amnesia Feat. MYK

Album release date:

13 February 2017

Updated at 2017-12-04 20:26:01

뭔가 페니의 활동은 이제 사람들에게 너무 조용해졌음..
2가 나왔다는 사실을 계속 잊어요..

2017-12-08 23:41:51

전 피지컬로 안나와서 안듣고잇네용

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